Food is about far more than calories, vitamins and other nutrients.

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doc. RNDr. Jana Šiftová (Spilková), Ph.D. | show profile
Jana Spilková is an associate professor at the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Faculty of Science, Charles University, where she received her Ph.D. in social geography in 2006. Her research interests include geography of consumption, alternative food networks and urban agriculture. She also devoted herself to the study of retail geography and retail planning in the Czech context. As a senior researcher in the National Institute of Mental Health she studies quality of life and life style, with a focus on the study of addictions.

Nadace Pro půdu | show profile
The purpose of the Foundation for Soil is to protect agricultural soil against degradation and speculation and to contribute to a responsible relationship between people and the land and thus the Earth we live on. We understand the ownership of land as a beneficial stewardship. The fundamentals of good care of the land owned by the Foundation is ecological farming. Since 2017 the Foundation for Soil is a member of the international Access to Land Network that works as an informal platform for organizations that are devoted to support the access to land for small farmers.

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