Food is about far more than calories, vitamins and other nutrients.

About the project

Food is a product and a process that connects the risks of environmental pollution (related to food miles travelled by food on its way to our tables), social inequalities (food deserts, food sovereignty, food security), public health (both extremes – obesity and malnutrition), economic issues (employment, retailing, trade, rural development), education (food initiatives, food waste, healthy food), quality of life, quality of environment (productive greenery) etc. Food is thus at the focus of many social and life sciences.

"Foodie hub" comes into existence as a web platform connecting scientists, students of all study levels and other enthusiasts, who are interested in the food research agenda and its related spatial, social and health aspects. It is created by a bottom-up approach, because the need to cooperate, to share information, knowledge, news, gossip etc. was expressed by students and academics alone at many forums, workshops and meetings in the past.

Foodie hub is thus a virtual meeting point, where:

  • profiles of interested specialists and students, who are engaged in food studies will be displayed,
  • news from all over the food studies agenda will be presented,
  • upcoming events with related thematic will be promoted,
  • new journal publications, grant results, studies, books in the food geography will be heralded,
  • interesting links to allied web pages, think tanks etc. will be provided.

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